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About The Couple

Rhythms of Romance:
An R&B Love Story

Brittiny and Rebecca connected in their hometown in Houston, TX. They became acquainted through the modern virtual world in 2021, with the stars slowly aligning for them. Brief conversations and moments of uncertainty finally gave way to perfect timing. On April 17, 2023, they shared their first official date. The conversation flowed effortlessly, a symphony of shared experiences and complementary differences.

As their relationship blossomed, their date nights were filled with spoken word performances, interactive photo experiences, games, R&B concerts, and live jazz. They journeyed together, both near and far, yet some of their most cherished memories were created during simple nights at home. Whether it was sitting on Brittiny's rooftop, listening to the rhythm of Houston, playing chess at Rebecca's place, or singing karaoke R&B songs to one another, every moment was a note in their shared melody.

One particularly cherished moment was when Brittiny prayed over their relationship, asking God for protection and direction. It was a beautiful and heartfelt expression of their commitment to each other and a motivating force to deepen their connection with the creator.

Their journey of growth was rich with treasured experiences, preparing them for the future they envisioned. Rebecca always dreamed of a lifelong commitment to Brittiny. She’ll never forget the first time she professed her love through a spoken word poem, and the magic of hearing Brittiny say it back.

Now, Brittiny and Rebecca invite their loved ones to join them in an intimate R&B love experience. Feel the magic, feel the love, and celebrate as they embark on their next chapter, their next hit single, their next album. Their story is a symphony of love, and they can't wait to take you on a date night R&B style.


Rebecca Dejean

Brittiny Maxwell

Meet The Couple

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